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Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear about the trouble. Unfortunately this can happen with WordPress with any plugin/theme upgrade.

There’s a lot that needs to get done during an upgrade:

  1. WordPress needs to download a zip of the update
  2. unpack all the files
  3. delete the old plugin files
  4. move the new files into the original location

That’s a fair bit, and it’s reliant 100% on WordPress and host to get the job done in 1 take. Sometimes, though, it can trip up and not all files are copied, for example, and the site is left in an inconsistent state.

It’s hard to know what’s happened on yours, but I would suggest you:

  1. open up a file manager such as FTP or cPanel File Manager
  2. browser to /wp-content/plugins/
  3. delete the folder /wp-simple-firewall/
  4. Use WP admin’s plugin > Add New and search for “shield security” and reintall the plugin from scratch.

If you get an error, please post it in full here and we can go from there.


Thanks, Paul.
If It happens again and I have to reinstall, how can I retain all the settings (especially the IP white list and hidden login URL details, etc.), please, so I don’t have to go through and manually add everything.
This time, I managed to restore a backup of the full site, but I can’t do that often or I’ll lose data.

Plugin Author


Shield’s settings are retained in the database – so you can reinstall and all your configuration etc. will be retained

Thanks. That’s what I figured, but wanted confirmation.


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