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Hi @stevemoretz

We are aware of this limitation, but using a second App will cause other problems in certain cases, as some Apps return App Scoped User IDs.
In short, an App scoped User IDs is an ID that is unique only in the App that returned the ID.

What does this mean in your case?
Here is an example with Facebook:
Let’s say a user registered with Facebook App1. Facebook App1 returned this as User ID:

Then you override the Client ID and Secret with the credentials of Facebook App2.
When the same user tries to connect over App2, it will return this User ID:

Nextend Social Login will see that, this as a completely different Facebook account and even if the email address matches, we will see that the WordPress account already has another Facebook account linked from the same kind, so the login will fail.

Replacing the App could also create a security issue, since as I mentioned above the 2 different Apps can return 2 completely different IDs for the same user. So there is a small chance that another user gets the same ID that was another user’s ID in the 1st App, and that could make the person to login to the account of somebody else, if there is WordPress account already linked with that social media ID.

I see that in cases where different Apps return the same user ID for the same user, it won’t cause a problem. So I will discuss this topic with our Senior Developer, if we could add filters in those cases where the App allows entering only a single Callback URL and the different apps return the same user IDs.

But the Free version is actually not affected by this problem, as the App of all 3 free providers allows you to enter multiple Callback URLs.

The GitHub provider that you are referring to is available only with the Pro Addon and as per forum rules, commercial products can not be supported in these forums. So if you would like to continue this topic, then please get in touch with us directly over the ticket system:

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