Userrole based stop invoices? |

Hello @curtisagitate,

If you want to disable the PDF Invoice altogether, try with this code snippet:

add_filter('wpo_wcpdf_document_is_allowed', function( $allowed, $document ) {
	if ( !empty( $order = $document->order ) && $document->get_type() == 'invoice' ) {
		$user = $order->get_user();
		// based on user login
		if ( $user->user_login == 'some_username' ) { // replace with another user login name
			$allowed = false;
		// based on user role
		if ( in_array( 'administrator', (array) $user->roles ) ) { // replace with another role
			$allowed = false;
	return $allowed;
}, 10, 2 );

If you haven’t worked with code snippets (actions/filters) or functions.php before, read this guide: How to use filters

However, if you only want to disable the attachment of the PDF Invoice, but still be able to manually create it, replace wpo_wcpdf_document_is_allowed with this wpo_wcpdf_custom_attachment_condition.


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