Question regarding LiteSpeed Cache and Cloudflare

Hello everyone. So, I have a question regarding how LiteSpeed WP and Cloudflare CDN compliment each other.

I have just set up a server with OpenLiteSpeed and installed WordPress and WooCommerce. In LiteSpeed Cache plugin settings, I enabled just about every setting that doesn’t break my website, *except* the QUIC-specific features. Caching, minification, deferring, literally everything.

Now, I’m interested if I can leverage Cloudflare CDN and if it will cause any conflicts with LiteSpeed Cache.

1. Can I add my domain to Cloudflare zone and enable features like Brotli and such?
2. Can I add* to Page Rules in Cloudflare to cache everything?
3. Currently I’m planning to use free version of Cloudflare, but I’m also considering the $5/mo version. Is it worth it? I heard that APO doesn’t work with LiteSpeed Cache well, but I’m not sure.
4. Can I, bear with me, enable *both* QUIC-specific features *and* Cloudflare?

I’m kinda new to this caching thing so I’m just looking for advice so that I don’t messup the website or create conflicting conditions.

Thanks in advance.


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