Quick Edit loads forever, then upon canceling the page is gone?!??!?!

Hi! 🙁

Issue is as stated: I wanted to change something in the Quick Edit Option, then the “update” took forever, I canceled and then the page was gone!

Thankfully I had the page still open in elementor and my boyfriend was smart enough to save it as template (because I was literally a useless, crying mess for thinking weeks of work are just suddenly GONE)

What the HELL?! Normally I’m like, hey at least that thing I’m using is free, thank you for that! But NO not in this case, I can’t even being to describe how devestating this just was, I seriously hope the person at WordPress responsible for this steps on a Lego. >:\[ T\_\_\_\_T

Oh, I recreated this issue (Made a new page, tried to Quick Edit, took forever -> then BOOM! Page gone 🙁 )

What the HELL is this about? Can those vanished pages still be recovered?
There isn’t anything in the Trash either, it’s as if this page has never existed! 🙁

Thanks guys!!


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