Remove subtotal from custom PDF invoice

Hiya, at the bottom of the “Simple” template wich i added to my child theme, i see a “Subtotal” and an amount in euro’s, and below that is a “Total” (also with an amout in euro’s).

Now i want to remove ONLY the “Subtotal” and an amount in euro’s.

In the invoice.php i found these 2 lines:

<th class="description"><?php echo $total['label']; ?></th>
<td class="price"><span class="totals-price"><?php echo $total['value']; ?></span></td>

.. but they seem to manage BOTH, so if i delete them both the subtotal AND the total are gone.

How do i get this fixed to that the invoice is ONLY showing the total (with the amount in euro).

In the screenshot i marked the area green, and the part to remove pink.

Hope you can help!


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