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So, long ish story short. I am studying front end development, last semester we did a project where we designed and prototyped a streaming service site in Adobe XD, then built the whole thing with html/css and js. (No frameworks) and deployed to netlify .

Now, I am not sure if i understand what we are actually doing for this one. (See brief below)
By the end, all we are delivering is the link to the netlify page.

In WordPress, I have installed the headless mode plugin and changed the wp-config.php to define my headless client url as the deployed netlify site.
I used the WooCommerce plugin and added products (movies).
When i move from the admin part to the WordPress site nothing shows, only the standard setup with site name and a few dummy posts.

My question is this; if i am delivering a netlify link, i assume i first need to migrate the WP page to my domain for it to work, and the new netlify page only needs to be an index.html for display and a .js for the functions?

Any input to what steps i need to do to complete this will be greatly appreciated. I don’t need help with the coding, only to understand what they are actually specifically asking me to do here..


In this assignment, you’ll be using the WordPress REST API to manage the products for your website deployed on Netlify. Instead of having the products hardcoded into the HTML, you will use JavaScript to fetch the list of WordPress products and display them on your site.

It’s essential to note the two different aspects of the assignment: the WordPress REST API running on your web host, and your JavaScript in the cross-course project, making a call to that API. WordPress will generate a front-end, but that’s not what we’re using it for in this assignment; we’re using it as a Headless CMS.

Level 1 Process
Create an installation of WordPress on your web host and ensure you set it to be headless so that the front-end generated by WordPress is hidden from the public.

Add the WooCommerce plugin and add products onto the site. There should be at least five products added to the site.
Using JavaScript, fetch the data from the WordPress REST API and add it to your website in the relevant sections of your cross-course project. If you have a ‘Featured’ section, find a way to flag ‘Featured items’ on WordPress and pull that onto your pages.

Using query string parameters allow the user to click on an individual item in the product list and take them to see that product, with the specific data for that product on the page. If your site doesn’t currently have a product specific page, please add one.

Submit a link to the website on Netlify.


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