Restore retains plugins installed after the backup point


I’ve been using WPVivid Backup plugin (free) for a little while and it seems to work great. However, yesterday I noticed something that I hadn’t before.

I had manual backup which I created a couple days ago. Yesterday I installed a couple new plugins then at the end of the day, I did a restore of the backup I created earlier (before those plugins were installed.)

The restore seemed to be successful (rolled back Elementor to the version I was using when the backup was taken, changes I made after the backup were also rolled back, etc.). However I noticed that the plugins I installed after the backup point were still present in my Plugins directory. They were reset to inactive, but were still installed. Is this the correct behavior?

For some reason, I always thought WPVivid restore was a full replacement of the DB and files, thus no elements added after the backup point would remain after the restore. If I’m restoring to the same location (as I did), is it actually a merge with the plugins so any plugins added after the backup point are retained? If so, are there any other elements (users, media, etc.) that are retained if they are added after the backup point?

Thanks, Chris


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