RSS Feed for Podcast (Export)

I have a self-hosted WordPress blog for my podcast at []( Until recently, it was working just fine: The RSS feed would serve the podcast MP3s as well as the blog posts (you can see the feed at [feed]( About a month ago, my hosting provider migrated the site to stackCP. No changes were made to plugins, other than updates. I just posted a new episode of the podcast, and it isn’t showing up in the feed. I’m not sure why, as the older episodes are running just fine.

Any advice? Is there a plugin I should add?

I should note that I’m running the Audio Podcaster theme. I also have the audioigniter plugin. My media files are on my site, and I link them in each post with an audio tag. I also have the podcast on a Spotify for podcaster site; that feed seems to be working correctly.

Any ideas or suggestions? Could this be because I have one podcast scheduled to post in a few days?

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  1. Is it possible the RSS feed is being cached?

    This sounds like a hosting issue – I doubt it is related to WordPress. Also worth asking AudioIgniter support.


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