Script:SNH-gen [Trj] trojan warning via Norton 360 anti-virus

yep, started getting it 30 minutes ago on AVG, on all my sites with contact form 7

AVAST Anti-Virus just flagged this as a trojan Virus,

Also just started happening this side now – 2 July 2024 – 04h05 CAT

The same issue here with AVG.

I have this plugin on hundreds of client websites – i foresee a barrage of phonecalls and upset clients. Not good

I am also getting this Trojan error message through AVG on all pages with contact form 7.

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Thanks guys – this appears to have happened with CF7 a few years back and was a false-positive via AVG apparently (there are some other threads created on I found when searching here).

So far it looks like this is being flagged via:

  • Norton 360
  • Avast
  • AVG (effectively another Avast reskin isn’t it?)

Any others that people are seeing it on? Eg. Bitdefender or whatever ?

I’m suspecting false-positive but we really need Contact Form 7 to update us here because this is affecting countless websites! And am definitely expecting a lot of calls from confused/angry clients seeing this and not understanding what’s happening.

Or — is Contact Form 7 actually compromised in the supply chain of WordPress plugins?

If so — we need to know so we can immediately start rebuilding every single CF7 form with a competing plug-in so we can quickly get it off all these sites……. It’s hard to decide = do we start building and jump ship on CF7 asap? Or do we sit-tight and wait …. how long ??

I have been having the same problem for about 45 minutes.

As far as I can see when you check the details Norton says the file is safe. Also this is not happening to all my sites only some and they all use CF7.

As far as I can see this is a false positive.

Please report this in here –

As far as I can see this is a false positive.

Please report this to AVG and Norton.

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@cronulla you’re right, when you check it with Norton it actually flags the file as “safe”.

But strangely when you first visit a site that has CF7 on it (in my case it appears to be all sites with any version of CF7) then Norton has a big warning and actually lets you through to the site but will ‘break’ the visual look. It appears to block some CSS / images etc., and some cases are worse than others (eg. one site was totally stripped of all CSS and we had to completely disable and remove CF7; whereas others it’s just missing a few images)

From a User’s perspective, if they’ve got either Norton 360 or AVG/Avast, it gives the wrong first impression with a large warning that plasters that Trojan alert everywhere. Even though it appears to be a false-positive, regular User’s wouldn’t understand any of that (same goes for most business owners probably).

it’s kind of horrible. I’ve already got clients looking for me.

@dan1980 Yes, that is the same thing. I’m experiencing the site loading after the warning but broken CSS image is missing etc. I’m not what you would call super technical but my dedicated server has great support. They advised me that it is 100% a Norton problem and pretty much said it’s well known and has plenty of issues. My concern was like you said what are my customers and their customers going to think. Support advised me that the uptake of Norton these days isn’t that great, which I guess was kind of reassuring. What I do find bizarre though is that I have a lot of sites but only a few it is giving the error on and they all use the same plugins and versions.

@cronulla It’s also AVG that’s bringing up this Trojan. It started happening to my WP site in the last 2 hours. At first I thought it was just my site, so I rolled back to yesterday’s backup, then last week’s backup, but it was still there. So then I found this page and realized it’s not just my site!
BTW, I assume you’re in Cronulla! I’m in Sylvania! 🙂


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