Scrolling past correct section with lazy load turned on

Hi @malihu,

Thanks so much for your quick reply.

This does indeed fix the problem in that it scrolls past the intended section and then back up again. It’ s a little bit disorientating but I guess there’s no other way to handle this?

Plugin Author


Not really. This issue always happens with the lazy-loaded images, with or without using the plugin. Even if you let the browser “jump” to the anchor (without any plugins or smooth scrolling), it’ll land on the “wrong” position, simply because each image that is loaded, “pushes” the content further below.

This said, try toggling only “Verify target position and readjust scrolling…” or only “Extend target position verification…” option and see if it gets better.

Thank you. I’ll play with those options and see if there’s any improvement.


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