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Hello everyone, first time posting, so I hope it’s alright!

I’ve been working with WordPress for about 3 years as a Frontend and Backend Dev (Mainly PHP shortcodes, connecting API’s and such) but still feel quite newbie, however wanting to learn and find new ways to do things with WordPress.

I’ve been recently been given on work 2 tasks which I can’t seem to find a proper solution and hope that maybe I can get some pointers on how could I achieve these tasks.

I have been asked to:

Find a way to achieve 91+ on mobile in the Google Page Speed Insights Report. I’ve seen their code, and they are using GTM to use 2 different GA4 properties (the main difference is the time it takes for a session to be considered engaged). However, gtag.js is loading 3 files on load, which is causing a blocking time of over 600ms. Is there an issue if I attempt to delay it? Or what’s a proper way to integrate this type of analytics tool. They have a similar issue with fbevents.js, but it’s smaller compared to GTM.

At the same time, they want to be able to monitor and be able to audit their 400+ pages and have the results of their Page speed insights scores per page, while also be able to have historical data, so they can see how things are moving. Is this something anyone has ever heard of? Is there a plugin that does this? (They aren’t as interested on having the dev team develop a custom-made solution with the Page Speed Insight API for this, they would rather have paid plug and play solution someone is mantaining).


Any pointers, comments or feedback on if this is even possible would be highly appreciated, as well as thank you everyone for reading this long post!



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  1. You are very new to this.
    First thing first. You need to forget about googles page speed index. It is not indicative of reality.

    You need to go to GTmetrix, if you want a mobile speed test, it is I think 14 dollars per month and allows you 200 tests per month.

    Also if I am not mistaken, the GA is taking a lot of time to load ? Is that correct ?
    This is where you need to Preload Third party resources.


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