ServerPress & Desktop Server is folding

Aw man, just got an email From ServerPress that says the company is folding, and taking Desktop Server down with them. I confess that I never used that tool a lot but it was very handy for some tasks.

  1. DesktopServer was behind my first steps of moving to local dev with WP as it made it *so* insanely simple. There are other tools now, plus I’ve just grown as a dev, but respect to that team as back in the day, how simple they made it was very, very appreciated.

  2. Yup. I’m so bummed about this, even though I gave up on them years ago (after relicensing for several years with nothing to show for it.)

    DesktopServer really was perfect for the job of prototyping new sites and, especially updating or repairing old ones. Local by Flywheel is… ok. Gets the job done. Theoretically it’s even more versatile since you can change PHP and SQL versions and choose Apache vs Nginx. But it’s clunkier and it doesn’t have that sweet, sweet instant-login plugin. Since my job involves a lot of fixes and updates I used it daily till some time in 2020, sometimes importing and exporting multiple sites a day.

    Really sorry they’re gone. Not surprised. But really sorry.

    I’ve been using Flywheel for the last year or so — the old version of DesktopServer just kept getting slower and slower, and finally just stopped around the time OSX Monterey came out. But I still miss it.


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