¿Ultimate Member/similar + paypal options?


i’m currently helping manage a wordpress-based site that has Ultimate Member free installed to manage a private members-only area according to profile membership.

Right now the whole payment/subscription/inboarding process is manual and time-consuming(they have to manually pay through PP, then manually register on the site, then someone needs to accept the user and assign it to the relevant profile, it has a lot of steps, a lot of delays).

They want to automate this with paypal integration, so you have a “pay for access” and it should process the PP payment, then if successful register an account and assign the profile automatically.

I’ve done some research and there’s a “WooCommerce plugin”(paid plugin) that says it integrates woocommerce with UM, i’ve never used woocommerce and since it’s paid i can’t download to try it beforehabnd. I’m reading the setup guide and it somewhat appears to do what i need but not quite, so my questions are:

1) It says it integrates the woommerce plugin to UM, so i guess i need a separate woocommerce plugin for wordpress installed, and upon further search, that plugin needs a payment processor for paypal plugin as well, which has atrocious reviews including site-breakage…

2) It says that “*Automatically assign****\**** *the user this role when an order’s payment is completed.*”, but there shouldn’t be ANY user before the payment, ¿does this means that users need to register an account BEFORE they “buy”?, that would not be what i want.

¿Is there any other solution?

I see there’s another WP plugin called “***Simple Membership***” that seems to do the job as well including the pre-register need, ¿any experiences here with it?

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  1. Hello,

    I have used paidmembershipspro.com plugin for one of our clients, and this working like a charm, fully automated membership with PayPal or credit cards.


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