Serves images with low resolution

Optimole is modifying the <img> tag that WPP originally outputs which may be the reason why you’re seeing this issue now.

Try disabling Optimole for a moment and see if you can reproduce this warning without it.

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Yes, images are off screen, even with Optimole disabled and all plugins except yours.

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That’s a different issue, completely unrelated to the one you originally reported. If you’re no longer seeing that “serve image with low resolution” message after disabling Optimole then now you know what’s causing it.

About this “off screen” issue, “off screen” refers to images that are not within the viewport on page load. That doesn’t apply to your popular posts list as it’s the first element in the viewport when your site loads. That image isn’t “off screen”.

Please try and invest some time researching what each of these Lighthouse messages mean before posting on so you understand what the problem is (if it’s even a problem in the first place) and whether it’s being caused by a plugin or not.

Since the original issue doesn’t seem related to WPP I’m marking this topic as resolved.


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