Shifting from Elementor to Block Builder. Should I use Kadence?!

Been using Elementor for 2+ years, and pretty much comfortable with that setup.

Although – as you already know – Elementor isn’t necessarily the best from SEO’s perspective.
Hence, will shift all my websites from Elementor to WordPress’ default Block Builder one by one.

(Assuming WordPress Default Block Builder will help load the webpages quickly)

“Kadence” is a plugin that helps enhance the web designing experience and make it easier to design webpages. (As suggested by Adam Preisler, WPCrafter).

For those who have used it – It won’t slow down the website as Elementor does, will it?!

My No. 1 Priority now is “WebPage Loading Speed”.

Should I use Kadence?!


  1. I’ve just rebuilt 6 sites that were using the Enfold theme. I used the Kadence theme and Kadence blocks plugin. All sites are now loading with 95%+ mobile scores on PageSpeed. Really happy with the appearance, experience and performance.

  2. I use Elementor and started using WPRocket and my pages all load super quickly now. Something to think about


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