Should I get WP business plan?

So I am making a website for my dad and he claimed a domain he liked a while ago. He asked me to make his website because he thinks I am really good at computers. So like he told me I opened an example website to make everything the and then transfer it to his. But I have ran into a problem, I cant put plugins and do a lot more things without using business plan. I have made it pretty far into building the website but im stuck here. He wants to make digital book store that people can both pay and download books and upload your own. But to make a online digital store I need: 1. servers (but for now i dont really need them) and 2. PLUGINS. and every time i try to explain to him that i will need plugins to make it he just says “I will call some website developers to tell me what to do”. The problem is that it is almost impossible (especially for me) to make an online digital store without plugins. Can someone tell me why you need to have plugins to make an online digital bookstore or maybe a way to make a digital bookstore without plugins or somekind of way to put plugins without business plan? Edit: I also found a coupon for 150 euros off the business plan

  1. There are plenty of places online that will host WordPress for you, unlimited.

    You don’t need to use Use somewhere like Krystal Hosting and pay about Β£15 a month for use of self hosted WordPress, which has no boundaries. Unlike, that holds you to ransom.

  2. Your starting your journey there’s. plenty shared hosting out there with unlimited depending on your budget there’s more realible ways to do it if you need help feel free to PM I can guide you.


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