Show Title in Gallery only on Hover

Hi there

I am on the free version of Modula, and I notice that Title and Caption behave differently – as decribed here

For my gallery, when I switch off ‘ hide title ‘ and ‘hide caption’ and then swtch on the Pufrobo hover effect the title always shows, whilst the caption appears only on hover. This is consistent with what is shown on the hover but I would like to hide the title on the gallery in the normal state – and only show on hover. I have applied the css referenced in the link above, and it does not work, even with !important and even with a default wordpress theme.

.modula .item .figc h2.jtg-title {
    opacity: 0;
.modula .item:hover .figc h2.jtg-title {
    opacity: 1;

Is there another way to achieve this?

Many thanks


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