Slow PageSpeed on Mobile due to LCP – Can someone please help me?

Hi there,

I have a new website (and my first website) for my junk removal business, According to Google Page Insights my website loads fast on desktop, but on mobile, the Largest Contentful Paint takes 6.6s (sometimes higher) to load. I have my images optimized, am using the wordpress cache CDN, and generally try and keep things to a minimum. I can’t seem to figure out what Google isn’t liking. When I and my friends open my site up on their phones it loads super fast. Does anyone have any ideas? Here is the PageSpeed Insights link:\_factor=mobile

Thanks in advance!

  1. If you go to you report, LCP is the first thing in the Diagnostics section. It is the main image loading slowly:

    You can’t rely on plugins to fully optimize images for you. Also, the load and render delay for the image is making things worse, so it isn’t just a filesize issue.

    I’d try turning off Jetpack, Google plugins (analytics or whatever), get rid of custom fonts, and get rid of the image. See what you score, then add the a smaller version of the image back. Check your score to see if your LCP is OK, then turn the plugins back on one at a time to see if those are having an effect.


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