Solution(s) to force HTTPS in Picu Plugin

I recently moved DNS management for one of my domains to Cloudflare so I could incorporate self-hosted services including a image proofing setup using WP and Picu. The main issue is images on Picu being blocked due to being “mixed content”. After digging through the source code I found the Picu image gallery is generated with Javascript but the links are all HTTP (see screenshot). I’ve tried multiple plugins to rewrite/fix HTTPS issue with no luck. I’ve also tried various settings on CloudFlare while troubleshooting but unable to have both my website and self-hosted WP both working at the same time.

Edit: I forgot to mention all assets (JS, CSS, etc) are working fine as they’re using different functions with logic to account for protocol (what a concept!).

I have a background in webdev so I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty but pouring over PHP trying to understand how the F\*\*K image paths are being created is not on the list of priorities.

If anyone has suggestions or can point me in the direction to a solution would be greatly appreciated.

Please don’t suggest Pixieset or similar platform because I’ve been there done that. They’re a waste of money for what little use I have.

My Setup

* Public facing website – hosted and using HTTPS
* Linux Turnkey WP with Picu plugin – Self-hosted used for image proofing. HTTPS but images blocked
* Cloudflare – **HTTP strict** enabled (hosted website breaks without). **Automatic HTTPS rewrites** enabled. **Always Use HTTPS** enabled.


  1. How it that URL populated? Are your WP site settings actually correct? i.e. https used in the URL on the settings page?

    Also try installing Better Search Replace plugin and use it to perform a find/replace operation on all tables in your DB. Sometimes if you install your SSL certificate late, after building the site, issues like this happen.


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