some kind of snow closing self serve widget?

I’m dreaming of a widget of some kind to announce snow closings for our church. Ideally the minister could just text or email a message to some service that would then appear in this widget for 24 hours, or until the next message came through. It would have to be secure, obviously. Is there anything like that? I’m only about 2 weeks into WordPress, so I don’t really know what it cannot do.

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  1. You could add a status slide out to the side of the page.

    Like a button icon or something that slide out from the side of the page or hover or click and it shows you the current opening status of the church.

    [Something like this](

    Is pretty simple to do with a page builder & acf fields, let me know if you use a page builder (Such as elementor) and I can sort of point you in a direction


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