“spoofed” WordPress theme?

So, I’ve been managing a “legacy” WordPress site whose theme has not been updated since the first time it was made (like 10\15 years ago), the rest of the website is regularly updated and we are beginning the development of a new, modern theme.

A few weeks ago going through the WordPress update page I noticed an update for our theme (from version 1.0 to 1.1) which sounded very weird since as I said we didn’t update the theme since we are rebuilding it from scratch.

Thinking that the situation was a bit suspect i didn’t update the theme and did some checks, apparently someone released a theme with the same name as ours and recently updated it to 1.1 recently. For some reason WordPress is picking up that theme and suggesting we update you it.

By looking at the theme and the author it doesn’t look like a malicious activity and more like a coincidence followed by a weird error.

I just wanted to ask the community if I have reason to worry about this or if it’s harmless.

  1. I would avoid the theme, but I would not be too concerned, no. As the other commenter said, this is a common issue with WordPress (sometimes we even have 2 themes with the same name).


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