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I want to make the move from Shopify but there is no rush as this is my choice. I want to start building my site, importing 2500 products with variants, images, copy, etc.

Can I do this for free or is there a cost?

I have an Authorize payment gateway I don’t use. Do I need that to use WooCommerce?

I need to keep the URLs the same as in Shopify. Is that going to be an issue?

What do I download, etc to get started? Where do I get the theme?


  1. You can start building your site offline using Local from []( – it’s free.

    You need an ecommerce plugin – most people use Woocommerce. Google how to export/import from Shopify to Woocommerce – there are plenty of guides online on how to do that.

    *”I need to keep the URLs the same as in Shopify. Is that going to be an issue?”* – you will want to setup a redirect rule to handle the difference between to the two platforms (assuming there will be one), to maintain you google rank.

  2. You could start for free on []( and it will work in a similar way as shopify. VS installing your own version.

    You can use many different payment plugins with WooCommerce. Stripe, paypal, [](, woocommerce also has its own payment system as well. Most are free and just charge about 3%/transaction.

    You can point your domain name to your own site when it is ready. Then you can setup your redirects from your old site to your new site (make sure to build that list first) if your page URLs changed.

  3. Building on other answers –

    Most people use Themeforest for themes (make sure they support WooCommerce if that’s the e-commerce plugin you’re using), you’ll usually download in .zip format which can then be imported via the wordpress dashboard.

    Gateway wise, most people use stripe or PayPal (which come in plugin form), I’d advise doing some research – there might be a fee structure that works best for your business in particular.

  4. * Buy a hosting plan that includes a WordPress installation
    * Setup WP login and other basic things, you’re going to have to watch a lot of videos for this
    * Buy a page builder plugin license like Kadence Blocks (avoid Elementor)
    * Install WooCommerce plugin and export everything over from Shopify
    * Add other plugins but stick to a starter guide without a lot of bloat, or ask here
    * Swap over all your email services, etc
    * 301 redirect anything that changed in terms of URLs

    There’s more you need to do too but it’s too much to type out.

    Honestly, if you’ve never used WordPress before you might want to look into hiring someone.

    You’re asking if this is free – no, it’s not. You’re either going to pay with your time or money, probably both.


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