Stripe Field doesn’t show in a Popup

Hi @anjanphukan,

Unfortunately, it is a known bug which is already fixed in the upcoming v 1.21. Until we release a new plugin update, you can try the following snippet as a workaround to make it work in Hustle:


add_action( 'wp_footer', function(){
    <script type="text/javascript">
    jQuery( document ).ready(function($){
        let _hustle = ['.module_id_15', '.module_id_16', '.module_id_17']; //Please change module ID here
        jQuery.each(_hustle, function(index, item) {
			if ( $(item).length ) {
				var elems = $(item).find('#stripe-1 .forminator-stripe-element');
				if ( $( elems ).is( ':hidden' ) ) {
					jQuery.expr.pseudos.visible = function( elems ) {
						return true;
}, 9999 );

Please make sure to edit the following section from the above code to your Hustle ID:
.module_id_15', '.module_id_16', '.module_id_17

ie suppose you have the form loaded on 3 Hustle popups with ID 32, 44, and 78 then the above line will change to:
'.module_id_32', '.module_id_44', '.module_id_78'

You can implement the above code as a mu-plugins. Please check this link on how to implement the above code as a mu-plugins:

Kind Regards,

Hi @wpmudevsupport11

It worked. Thank you so much for your quick resolution.

I hope we will have the stable version soon.

Thanks again.


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