What is an acceptable amount of 3rd party plugins?


I have been brought on to a project where the site runs ok, but the number plugins on the site is in the 20’s. I’ve been tasked with building an api, passing their contact form into an external CRM.

BTW, I’m talking everything from numerous security plugins, table management, pdf download, custom posts type editors, forms. Including the site being built with WP bakery.

I am going to hook into the email hook of CF7 to complete my task as that’s the form builder they use. However I can’t help thinking the site as a whole would run so much better if some of these plugins where built into custom functionality.

At what point would you advise the client to build these in to the site’s functionality rather than using third party plugins that come with the bloat?

Or am I just being a snob ? 😂

I am sure some of you guys have seen far far worse dashboards!

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  1. Anywhere from 0 to 10,000 can be acceptable.

    Seriously, the # of plugins doesn’t matter, it’s the quality of the plugins, their code, and function. You could have a site with a billion plugins all completing a unique task and have a blazing fast site. You could also have a site with only 2 really shitty crappy plugins that bring the site to a crawl.

    Stop focusing on #’s, start focusing on “do I need this plugin?”, is this plugin duplicating features from another? Could I just write this with 1 line of code myself? What performance hits will I get by using this plugin?


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