Stuck at loading trying to change text on my website

Hello all!
I have a question about editing the WordPress website.

I just needed to change one number on my current website but I have been stuck on the loading menu for days.
(I just wanted to change 2022 to 2023 on the page)

I am originally from the US and have recently purchased a siteground hosting service. My web developer told me that there will be a significant lag since I live in Europe and the website is in the US but now that he apparently transferred over the site to the EU siteground (I was also not told there was a Europe siteground and a US siteground), the website is still slow. So there’s that.

Sorry, I wish I were smarter so I didn’t have to ask this but is there any workaround with this?

I find it confusing as I see a lot of web developers who work on other people’s websites (on a different continent) and do not have a problem.

Apologies for this as my web developer has not been responsive as of late.
Thanks so much!

  1. You can send me a message with your site link, I would love to help you out. It will be great if you provide a screen of what you want to change and where you’re trying to make changes.

    Also, please tell me the theme name as well.


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