Subdirectory on Subdomain?

I have a wordpress multisite setup on my parent domain set to create subdomains for child sites. This is working well and has been set up for a couple of years with a few child sites.

One of these subdomains is a MediaWiki site that I would like to move to a subdirectory to supplement one of the existing subdomains (so URL becomes for technical, SEO and UX benefits. The child site needs to retain its current theming and content, so the wiki would become a site within a site (as I understand it).

I can’t figure out how to set up the new subdirectory and move the existing files to it. I’ve edited the wp-config file so that it should be possible but I can’t find a way to create the subdirectory and the WordPress back-end isn’t giving me the option, I assume by design. My hosting provider has been no help.

I haven’t found an alternative to creating a subdirectory that would enable me having a MediaWiki (or better alternative if one exists) setup within the child site, either.

Help! Please and thank you.


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