Theme: blocksy or kadence?

I’m a beginner and not sure yet which of those two to use.
I broke it down to blocksy and kadence. No other recommendations needed at this point (I spent some time already and it gave me headache lol).

I know they are very similar. Kadence seems to get slightly better speed ratings in comparisons, yet blocksy is more affordable if I’d ever go for the pro version. Then, there are also some experts on YouTube who prefer blocksy, since apparently kadence copied from blocksy (?). So it’s a moral reason for them.

I take into consideration how beginner friendly they are and how big their user communities are, in terms of tutorials on YouTube etc.
Affiliate website, wocommerce, personal blog, business,… All of those possible directions matter for this decision.

One thing I realized is that blocksy has around 20 starter sites, while the younger kadence theme offers around 60 already.

Experiences? Opinions?

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