Theme not loading correctly on BlueHost

I have been using Twenty Twelve for several years. I don’t change or update it often and it’s been working fine. Within the last two days or so it no longer displays correctly. What is a background for one picture on a sub-page is showing as the background color for everything, making it unreadable. This only happens when BlueHost loads it. When I look at it in WordPress (where I would customize it) it displays fine. I contacted BlueHost who said that there was a problem with the theme and that it wasn’t loading correctly (they then switched me to a different theme). As I said, I hadn ‘t updated the theme in quite some time and so I updated it this morning (after the problem was noticed) and this made no difference. Sounds to me like BlueHost messed up some file that Twenty Twelve has a dependency on. They are currently restoring my setup (which I don’t expect to help since it hasn’t been updated in months).

When someone is willing to look at this I will change my webpage back to this theme temporarily. Thanks for any insights.


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