Theme / Template Advice – What’s out there?

Evening all. I’m looking for a theme / template and associated plugins to build a really clean, small and niche site for classifieds in a particular industry.

I am looking for something that is for fixed price listings only at the moment and maybe something that allows best offer but nothing auction related.

What are the find people of the sub using for this? WP Adverts + Kadence will do the job but is overkill for what i’m thinking:


1. Clear landing page to search for something with location / price range / keywords. Think auto trader but much, much lighter.
2. The nature of the site will mean people will have to login to create a listing and manage them
3. Sharing listings is a nice to have.


Thanks a lot in advance!

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  1. You’re looking for a plugin, not a theme (and there are lots of good free themes that work with any plugin). There are dozens of plugins that do listings/classifieds. Try some of the free ones out.


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