Thinking about replacing ManageWP with MainWP. Backup plugins?

So I’m getting less and less happy with ManageWP, and I’ve tried WPUmbrella and it’s….fine.

I’m looking at MainWP and it looks quite nice. My problem is trying to understand the options for backups, and what that will end up costing me. I’ll be backing up to either Backblaze or my own storage via SFTP, preferably.

What plugins for MainWP do you recommend?

Are there any real gotchas I’m going to run into moving from ManageWP?

Thanks, folks.

(The only real backup plugin in WordPress I have experience with is the All-in-one Migration and Backup plugin, and it’s been a huge time saver for migrating from one web host to another. Apparently there’s no integration with MainWP though.)



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