“Too many redirects” since last update (3.10.5)

Hi there,

hm, strange. We didn’t change/adjust that redirect logic for a long time. Seems like a transient issue to me, as the transient _wc_gzd_activation_redirect is used to check whether a redirect is necessary or not. Right before the redirect the transient _wc_gzd_activation_redirect is being deleted – that’s why another redirect should not happen. Seems like a transient/DB issue with your installation to me.



thanks for your fast answer. This made me thinking and after doing the workaround described above, I installed transient manager. This complained, that there was an object cache in place and it may not show the current state of transients. And yes, this was the problem.
We have Redis Object Cache installed. After deactivating the cache and removing the workaround, the about page loaded. After going to the dashboard, it showed that Germanized databases needs an update. Having done the upgrade, the redirect and message vanished.
Clearing the redis cache before activating the object cache plugin again, everything works fine now.
Seems to be a slight incompatibility with Redis Object Cache, however we didn’t have a problem with this plugin combination for about two years.

Thanks again and have a nice weekend

Hi there,

thank you for your feedback, will try to find another workaround to prevent such redirection loops!

Have a nice weekend too!



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