Tour Booking Site with 2 user types, Tour Managers and Passengers

I’m working with a small business who helps businesses, schools, and other organizations book tours. We have most of the static pages up on SquareSpace, and are rebuilding it in WP. The primary plugin we use to assist the e-commerce aspect is **WooCommerce**. Tours are presented as individual Products via WooCommerce, and each is custom made by employees of the company.

There are 2 user types:

1. **Tour Managers**
a. Teachers, team leads, managers, etc. who book a trip for their class, team, department, etc.
b. They make initial contact, plan their trips with the company (via phone, simple web forms, or in person)
c. We create a Product through WooCommerce, which we then give them an individual link for.
d. They send said individual links to each of the intended Passengers to pay for themselves and/or dependents (e.g. parents paying for their kids).

2. **Passengers**:

a. Individuals who have ‘seats’ on the Tours booked by their Tour Manager. They receive individual links (mentioned above) to purchase their spots on the Tour.
b. They pay for the Tour seats as Products with a few options (e.g. Occupancy for Hotel Rooms, Meals, T-shirts)
c. The Products are either Deposits or Full Price, depending on the structure of the Tour

What we’d like to do:

3. Give Tour Managers the ability to see the list of purchased seats for the Tour(s) they manage. (We currently do this in a very basic way on SquareSpace via Google Sheets)
a. This will only be accessible when the Tour Manager is Logged-In

I’ve not helped set up a WordPress site in 5+ years, and never with WooCommerce, so I’m in a little over my head.

* Is the described set-up an efficient way to use the tools we have?
* Is there a straightforward way to set up the Tour Manager function mentioned in 3.a. above?

We’re looking to go beyond this to manage the Tours and Users more effectively, but this functionality is a more urgent and impactful need.

We’ve looked at contractors to help with this, but there’s the usual cost and schedule issues that we’re hoping to avoid by handling it myself. (though will hire an expert freelancer if that’s what it takes)

I’ll ask this again in r/WooCommerce or elsewhere if this is too specific to WooCommerce.

Thank you!


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