When printing shipping labels: “Payment failed – Unexpected error result”

For about 2 weeks now I deal with this intermittent error message, “Payment failed – Unexpected error result”. It will constantly pop up as I try and fail to print shipping labels. After around 10-15 minutes the shipping label will go through, which is why I describe the problem as intermittent.

To be clear, the card on file is valid and has a balance on it. I even deleted the payment method and reuploaded the card info and saved it. I also called my bank to make sure there were no holds or pauses on the account, there are none. I restarted my browser, my computer, my Wi-Fi router. I have checked with my hosting provider, no issues reported.

I have enabled status logs for woo commerce shipping and every time I receive the above mentioned error code It does not populate as a data entry. Im at my wits end, I have to print 80 shipping labels today and in the span of 3 hours I have managed to print but a measly 20.

Please help.


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