“User role” or “Is logged in” rule did not work


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Team Flycart

Just putting here for anyone who has the same problem.

They had a check and it seems I have set free gift product (Get Y) visibility status as “private”. Hence it will be hidden for customer and guest user roles. That is why as an Administrator, the discount rule still appears to work. The problem is not on the rules, it’s on the product visibility.

The initial reason I set it as “private” is I do not want customers to access the free gift product because it is not for sale. If you do not want customers to access the free gift product but still want the discount rules to work, the right way is to set the free gift product as “public” but set “hidden” for catalog visibility. This way, customers cannot access the free gift product page (also on the categories page) unless they know the unique URL of the page but you can easily redirect the URL to somewhere else.

Thank you @sangeethasrinivasan for helping me out! Hope this helps.`


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