Using a theme – where to edit?

Hey there – I want to use a theme called “bridge” from theme forest but not sure where to start. I’ve created websites using Wix before but I just purchased a domain that allows for WordPress.

Seen elementor and wpbakery mentioned, but most knock on those.

This would be for my own personal website

  1. What do you mean that you purchased a domain that allows for wordpress? A domain is just a domain, it’s not tied to any platform.

    Are you using []( or did you get webhosting and installed WordPress that way?

    Either way, it seems like you still need to learn the basics of WordPress so I think it’d be good to start with a course on Udemy or YouTube.

    I can answer your main question (how to install a theme), but after that you’ll have a bunch of other questions, like:

    * How do I create a new page
    * How do I create posts
    * What’s the difference between pages and posts
    * How do I create navigation
    * How do I change the layout of pages
    * What plugins do I need
    * How do I keep my website safe
    * How do I set up a contact form and SMTP server
    * etc

    To answer your main question

    1. Install WordPress so you can access the dashboard by visiting []( (replace with your own site ofcourse)
    2. Buy the theme from Themeforest
    3. Download the theme files
    4. Upload the theme files in WordPress and activate it

    The theme will also come with it’s own documentation because every theme has it’s own workflow and settings (this is a big difference from other website builders like Wix where everything is much more standardized). You will also get access to the support of the theme developer, so you can ask theme-related question (like “how do I change the color of this button” or “how can I show my latest blog posts on the homepage”) to the theme support.


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