Using Duplicator with 10 plugins (most not activated)

(note: I am a wordpress noob)

I built out a very basic site (twentytwentythree theme and 10 plugins that I use on every site), and figured I can use this basic site as a template to copy onto new domains for my niche sites, etc, using the “Duplicator” plugin.

However on my first copy, I’m noticing there’s some problems with my “Really Simple SSL” plugin (settings is a blank page) and also after installing a Kadence starter theme, the theme seems to have a good amount of images missing, and when I edit the one of the template pages, and click “update”, that actual template page never changes in my live browser.

Is using Duplicator in this type of work flow a bad idea?

I’m thinking maybe it’s just better to do a fresh install, and install my 10 plugins plus the theme I’ll need.

(I’m a wordpress beginner, but I imagine some of those plugins have settings/code set to my original template website domain, and that’s why it’s breaking my new site? … Thing is – none of those plugins (except duplicator) were active on my old site, I was just activating it on the new one that I had copied to).


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