Want to build a multivendor website on WordPress, is this the best option?

Hello all,

I had a website idea where private Chef’s could advertise themselves, and people looking for private chef’s can find them via this website. There would be recommended pages, and filters for searching for a chef, as well as location (near me or such), also categories for type of cuisine for example a chef offers (features benefiting users). The chef on their advertising or profile page would have an area to talk about themselves, as well as automated listings like experience, etc. I’m wondering if word press would be ideal to learn and create the website on there, so that I could save money instead of hiring someone to do it on another platform or even WordPress itself. I’m also wondering if I could put a video call feature, so the customer and chef could talk to each other before any purchases are made (not sure though on this idea).

Please let me know thoughts about this, whether WordPress is good for this, and what parts of this WordPress might not be ideal, or maybe even other platforms to use. Note that I have no prior knowledge on web design, however keen to learn. Thanks,



  1. This will be tough to make as a newbie.

    Check out the Ultimate Member plugin. The video call part can be handled outside of WordPress, though you can organise the call booking with a plugin for various video platforms eg zoom

  2. WordPress is just the engine, and yes, it could be used to build what you’re describing.
    What features you need, exactly, come down to either using off the shelf plugins or having something custom built.


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