How do I find my theme that came in pre-built on A2Hosting before installing any template or theme?


I’m a total beginner to WordPress and I have hosted my website on A2Hosting and while they were configuring it they gave me the choice to select some free themes to start with, so I have selected one that I liked. At the same time I was following a tutorial video on Youtube where it explained how to deactivate and remove the installed plugins that come with your website at the beginning, how to install Astra then StarterTemplate.

But I didn’t have Astra and Starter Templates at the beginning and I do like the theme that I chose and I can’t quite find where it is, as it’s not in the Start Templates catalog.

Later on I installed Astra and Starter Templates but without choosing one of their themes and when I try to customize my template I find that Astra is activated by default even though I’m using the template I got before even installing Astra.

I’d love it if someone could explain to me what’s the logic behind this and where I can find my template independently of my website.

Thank you!

  1. Themes are in the wp-admin sidebar under Appearance > Themes – Any installed theme will show up here, but only one of them is active at a time. Astra is a theme, and the theme you got from the host should also be here. If it’s not there, that means it was uninstalled (files deleted)

    Starter Templates is a plugin. Plugins are in the wp-admin sidebar under Plugins. All the installed plugins are here, and the ones that are activated will have a bold name and blue background.

  2. It could be a lot of things. Many themes are similar at heart. Maybe turn off your starter templates plugin and then in the Appearance ->customizer try a live preview of the other themes and see if one is the one you want.

    If you haven’t done a lot, you might even consider going back through the initial setup wizard again. But that’s a nuclear option and you’d lose everything.

    In the customizer you can preview each of your installed themes.


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