Want to build my website in a subdomain and then transfer it but I can only use the paid theme once. How do I proceed ?

Apologies if this is a dumb question or if I worded it incorrectly in the title.

I currently have a website at domain.com, which is just a normal company website.

I created that website locally so I have no experience with this. But from my understanding its better to create live because less problems occur that way when you transfer.

So my plan is:

1 – Buy WoodMart and Elementor Pro

2 – Use them on my subdomain.com to create my new ecommerce website.

3 – After its ready use updraft to change my current website with the new woodmart website.

Problem is, from what I have been reading you can only use the theme once, (and I think elementor Pro too ?). So what is the best practice here ?

Really need help with this guys.

Thank you.


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