Web Page name is subsumed under Header Block/section

Hi I am using WordPress (2020 theme) and Woo Commerce plugin primarily.

Anyway the last page Shop Page is fine, displays as intended.

But the other webpages are not displaying as I want.

\—–>>>I’m getting the web page title subsumed under the same colour as the header so that it looks like it is part of the header – instead I want it as content and the colour to be content colour background. When I come to edit the pages the title displays as content but when up and published, showing live, it is header colour making it appear as part of the header.

Header and footer have darker colour. The content has a lighter colour.

A) Header – dark

B) (i) Page Title – dark same colour (X instead of content background colour)

(ii) Rest of Content – lighter colour

C) Footer

I want the page title to display against the lighter colour indicating, which would make sense, part of the content – effectively a header to the content.


I have been looking into parent/child themes and was wondering if this was the issue. But the final page woo commerce shop displays correctly. The big title is big and black set against a light “content” background colour to indicate being part of the content as it were of page and not the top horizontal primary menu, displaying like right underneath it.


Kinda hard to explain without showing you images but maybe any wordpress gurus out there know what I am talking about referring to and how I can or could try fixing or resolving this issue.. What are my options….

POST EDIT: When I come to edit just the page ( no header showing in darker colour) the content including the top title of page and the main content shows as it makes sense in identical lighter colour. But live it is subsumed under header – of the same colour. The last shop page by woo commerce is fine and has a mini menu displaying instead at top as part of the over-all content, as it were.

Thanks in advance.


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