What’s your go-to starter theme for Gutenberg?

I am old school. I still like the classic editor and building my sites with ACF, CSS grid, and straight-up PHP/HTML. I put off learning Gutenberg for a while as I felt it was clunky and needed refinement. Now I’ve been working in it a bit and am starting to enjoy it.

So my question to the other devs out there is: do you have a favorite theme where you start when building a new site? I’ve been using underscores for many years but I want to build my own starter theme for Gutenberg. I’ve seeen Bill Erickson’s EA Starter Theme and that has some nice built-ins, but I would really like one that just has the basics and will let me build a lot of custom blocks that I tend to use. I see a lot of devs using pre-built themes and just customizing them. It’s still foreign to me not using a child theme.

So where to begin?…


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