Where do the feedback submissions go to?


Thank you for reaching out for support. I understand you’re having trouble locating the submissions from your test entries.

Submissions made through Formidable Forms are stored within your WordPress dashboard. To view these entries, navigate to the Formidable section and click on ‘Entries’. You should see a list of all submissions for each form.

If you’re not seeing the submissions in your email, it’s possible that the email notifications are not set up correctly, or there may be an issue with email delivery that needs addressing. 

​Please note that Formidable Forms does not send emails directly, but rather composes the message and passes it to WordPress for sending. Therefore, troubleshooting issues with email delivery requires checking your WordPress email-sending configuration.

In most cases where email issues are reported, we find that emails leave the website correctly but are sanitized or deleted before delivery by internet spam protection measures. Spam protection rules are constantly getting stricter, and a form can sometimes stop working without any changes on your website.

If you’re currently not using an SMTP plugin to send your emails, I highly recommend installing and configuring one. Most SMTP plugins will do the job, but I’d suggest looking for one that includes message logging. One such free SMTP plugin that I’m aware of is called “Post SMTP.”

Using SMTP to send your messages can make them appear more legitimate than the built-in WordPress mail service, which can help them pass spam filters.

It’s also important to ensure that your email messages are configured correctly. Here are eight essential things to check:

  • The SUBJECT line should not be blank.
  • The FROM address MUST match the domain of your website. It’s best to set up a dedicated email for this, such as [email protected].
  • The TO address should never match the FROM address as this looks unusual and can trigger spam deletion.
  • If you specify a REPLY-TO address, it should never match the TO address.
  • While you can include multiple addresses in your TO field, it’s best to use the CC and BCC fields for additional recipients.
  • Many spam filters are triggered by too many recipients in one email. For large lists (50 or more recipients), consider a service like Sendgrid or SendInBlue.
  • Minimize the number of links you include. Email messages with lots of links may trigger spam filters.
  • Finally, contact your hosting provider and ask if the SPF record for your email address is properly configured.

Please let me know if this helps.



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