Why does the footer of my tablet mode have only two columns?

Hi @jiizuke

This is somewhat expected behaviour, because what you’re looking at is a tablet’s portrait view. Most tablets in portrait view do not have enough space to display all the columns, so we’ve made them look better by restricting the portrait view to two columns. The landscape view automatically inherits the desktop view by default.

Hope this clears things up 🙂

Oh, I think the tablet can still display three columns, I use the astra theme set up three columns works well. Thanks for the reply though, otherwise I’d still be struggling with whether I wouldn’t be able to use Blocksy. Anyway, thank u.

Hi @jiizuke

You could try analysing the DOM and use a little bit of CSS to modify things. But believe me, in most of the cases, the three column layout doesn’t look that good on portrait tablets.



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