Why is it so hard to find simple themes? One pagers?Contact only theme, under construction? I only ever find complicated themes available

Every time I try to find a super simple theme every single theme always ends up having so many bells and whistles that I’m removing so much stuff and it takes me so long. Does anyone know where I can find some simple themes?

  1. I don’t hardly ever use a theme. But, I wanted to set my website up quickly and got hostinger hosting. They had a starter and I found a theme called emerge blog that was really simple and exactly what I wanted.

    So maybe it was a rare find!

    What are you looking for? I’m assuming you’ve searched the theme directory in WP? Usually the popular ones are the best ones from what I’ve seen.

  2. Avada is the best out of the box option. Pay a licences once and you’re good to go. Incredible support.

    Everything has a learning curve, everything. That’s just Digital life.

  3. Honestly the stock wordpress themes along with some css can eork wonders. They are easy, well supported and quite lean

  4. How are you looking for these themes? I’ve found it incredibly challenging if you’re on a theme website and try to search internal to its offerings whereas a Google search will bring up narrowed results, YouTube theme reviews, etc.


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