Will Changing The Domain & Address Make the Site Disappear?

Long story short, I had someone bugging me using a social media account so I deleted my account and created a new one. Surprise-surprise, a weird person showed up claiming they knew me after googling my previous one and found me through ANOTHER social account tied to my blog. To put it plainly, I don’t like to mix different aspects of my life together so for example personal with work or recreation and so on.

They sound nosy and it seems they’ve been digging around. In case they already found my website, if I change my web address, register a new domain, and change everything like the username, email, etc–would that make my website inaccessible to them somehow? I feel it will unless they perhaps subscribed to the website, in which case is there a way to remove subscribers or email subscribers from my website?





1 Comment
  1. It will make you somewhat less likely to be found (at least initially) but it won’t make your site inaccessible.


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