Woocommerce including moving from PHP upgrade from 7.3 to most actual Version

I’m currently interested in getting an Woocommerce expert take over and manage upgrade to the most actual and supported Woocommerce version, which will take wocommerce out of PHP 7.3 to the current supportet Woocommerce PHP version

The PHP version is already supported/offered by the hosting service and that is just a one ‘click’ to move from 7.3 to the current PHP version… so that is NOT a issue.

The issue comes with your expertise in:

\- that is setting up a sub-domain,

\- creating a copy of the existing production site on that subdomain, then

\- TESTING, the site first in the newest version, aka.

\- setting that sub-domain under the current php version WITHOUT destroying the production site in the process

\–no longer a ‘click’ but some .ini corresponding editing is needed so that the sub-domain will run in a higher version of PHP while the main site will continue to run in the older version and not die as result of just clicking on the latest version of php, rendering the production site useless–

This post is NOT an advertisement, nor as far as I can tell, in any violation of the r/Wordpress/ subreddit rules, then, hopefully this post will not be auto-deleted, nor a request for suggestions.

Instead, if you are a Woocommerce expert and you are interested in taking over the project (see above listed ‘main’ tasks), then contact me directly via DM with:

\- your availability

\- if you are interested in going forward take over the maintenance and management of the woocommerce site

\- your rate (details how much per for example the migration, then the management of the site, etc, we will discuss in details directly)

Look forward to hear from you

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