Woocommerce Plugin Product Feed Help

I have a client with the woocommerce plugin on WordPress, and I’m trying to configure their product feed so it works on Facebook. They have a Google product feed, and everything works EXCEPT the MPN. Here’s the long obnoxious backstory, with a tl;dr at the end. Buckle up…

I am trying to run dynamic retargeting on Facebook, which requires a ViewContent event that matches up with a product’s Content ID in the product feed. The ViewContent event, which I built on the Event builder tool in FB, pulls in a content ID directly from the DOM, where each product page has a SKU visible ( https://imgur.com/pGhPRaF ). This works fine for Purchase events and such.

But on WordPress’s Woocommerce plugin, they have the “Include variations in your feed” checkbox checked, because it is a clothing store, and most items have variable sizes (https://imgur.com/Y3HTP1g ). The problem is, this causes the SKU to come into the product feed with extra pieces. So the MPN, which Facebook is trying to match ContentView event Content IDs to, comes through with the SKU plus extra info. So instead of a SKU like “FTJ22” being passed through, it appends the group ID and it comes through as “FTJ22-US-XL” ( https://imgur.com/AB2mQFB )

I don’t want to just uncheck the “Include variations” box, because I don’t want to mess things up for anywhere else our client is using this feed. I tried adding a custom label with just the SKU, but the “US-XL” gets added to that as well. I tried creating another product feed that I could just use for FB and uncheck that box, but I can’t figure out how to make changes for just one product feed. Any woocommerce users or product feed experts have any ideas? I’m so lost.


tl;dr – I need to figure out how to get Facebook to recognize product IDs from a product feed and WordPress/woocommerce are not my forte. Help!


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