WordPress Android App not showing images in posts while editing

I have 4 WP sites; 2 hosted by [wordpress.com](http://wordpress.com) and 2 self-hosted. All four had the Jetpack plugin installed (I needed a feature it provided; may no longer be the case). All four worked appropriately. I could create / edit posts in the browser, and in the Android app, for all 4 sites.

Then, for troubleshooting purposes not related to this issue, I disabled the Jetpack plugin in one self-hosted site. Now, for that one site only, I can still create / edit posts in the browser, and I can still create / edit posts from the Android App, BUT – immediately after ‘publishing’ the edit from the WP App only, if I re-open the post in the WP App, there is ‘white space’ where the image should be (text is displayed above and below the image). I can tap on the space, and the image loads full-screen on the phone – so it’s ‘there’. I can open the same post in the browser (even on the phone) and see the image. But in the WP app, it’s not displaying. Note – while composing a new Post, I CAN see the image that I just placed in the image block; the problem is when I re-open the published post for editing.

If I re-enable Jetpack plugin on the server the problem goes away. So that’s a simple remedy, but – my concern is, these are plain-vanilla simple ‘Image block’ images, nothing to do with Jetpack plugin on server (no jetpack-enhanced features like carousel, slideshow, etc which I understand are specific to Jetpack plugin). Why would disabling jetpack plugin disable the display of an image (in the editor only, and in the WP App only, and after successfully creating)? My fear is – if I ever wanted to disable the Jetpack plugin in the future, will it render all my posts un-editable in the WP App?

I uninstalled and re-installed the WP App on the phone but this did not resolve the issue. I also reproduced the same problem on an android tablet I use. I also tried logging out of my [wordpress.com](http://wordpress.com) account in the app; I was still able to create and edit posts, but I was still unable to view an existing post’s image in the editor. So I guess a question is – is the Jetpack plugin on the server a pre-requisite for using the WP App for Android?

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  1. > *is the Jetpack plugin on the server a pre-requisite for using the WP App for Android?*



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