WordPress + Cloudflare DDNS + SSL certificate


In my WP site URL and Site settings is currently set for **http**:// URLs. I use Cloudflare’s DDNS to point at my IP and I have a Let’s Enrcrpyt certificate. My domain is accessible via HTTPS (even though in WP settings the URL is HTTP).

Problem: using certain things I get a too many redirects issue and also Google Search Console shows that there are a lot of redirects. I would like to set WP on https directly – if that makes sense.


What do I need to change in WP and in Cloudflare to have my site as HTTPS (Site URL in settings)? When I change it to HTTPS I cannot access the site (too many redirects).

1) I think in Cloudflare I can force HTTPS (‘strict’ level it’s called – that’s what I found after days of googling). Anything else I need to change at Cloudflare?

2) In WP do I need to use a plugin that searches for “**http**://domain” and replaces it to “**https**://domain” ?
Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

  1. This might not be the direct answer to your issue but in the past I have been able to fix redirect issues by adding code to wp-config file.

    Also have you tried plugins like really simple SSL? They have documentation if you are using cloudflare

  2. 1. Change the url in your site to HTTPS.
    2. In CF, set the SSL mode to Full. That will fix the redirect issue.
    3. Install the Better Search Replace plugin to find/replace all your existing http URLs to change them to https. You will get ‘mixed-content’ errors if you don’t do this.

    You don’t need Really Simple SSL.


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